Workout Plans For Women At Home

Why Is It So Hard?

Let’s face it girls. Working out at home is usually tough and it’s hard to realize why. In theory, doing exercises at home should be easier than the gym, simply because it takes less effort to do a yoga session in your living room, or go to the garage to run on the treadmill than the effort it takes to drive all the way to the gym and work out there.

In theory it should be easier, but we all know that in practice it’s a totally different story. The reason why it’s so hard is because people don’t usually set a properly designed plan and stick to it. When you’re at home, it’s easy to put off a workout and tell yourself that you’ll “do it tomorrow”.

So How Can I Make It Easier?

The same way people sleep better by practicing good sleeping routine, you can make it easier for yourself straight off the bat by setting aside some scheduled time to do your work out every day or every other day. Set aside an area in your home that you can associate with exercise rather than watching the television.

Setting a good plan is half way to getting into a good exercise routine, and it’s worth doing your research into simple to follow plans that require little or no effort to understand what you’re doing, or what you’re aiming towards. More complicated plans may be slightly better and more effective, but will also require much more motivation, and we all know that is usually not in abundance.

Fitness Plans For Women

There are many different aims of fitness plans and it’s important you pick the right one for what you want. Whether you want to build muscle, make your body more curvy or simply lose weight, there will be a simple plan suitable for you. The majority of you will be looking to lose a bit of weight for the summer so we’ll highlight one of our most favourite programs you can follow effortlessly.

Amongst the easiest plans to follow, the absolute best program for the busy, unmotivated or just plain lazy women is Craig Ballantyne’s “6 Minutes To Skinny”. As you’ve probably already gathered from the name, this simple plan takes just a mere 6 minutes every morning to keep you burning fat throughout the day. This plan plays on your body’s metabolism, and helps you effectively lose weight by simply spending six minutes making a healthy shake and doing some well designed high intensity interval training (HIIT).

By raising your metabolism during the morning through your digestive and cardiovascular systems, you’re able to burn more calories carrying out the rest of your day than you would had you not done the 6 minutes.

Most importantly, the whole plan is put together and made as accessible as possible. You get a range of videos showing you exactly what to do on each day, and you can take comfort in the knowledge that the person who designed the program is a very well known fitness professional with a whole bunch of highly qualifying credentials.

Your Plan Of Action

Having read this article, we’re now going to give you a solid plan of action that you can follow for the next couple of hours and make sure you’re well on your way to burning all that excess fat.

Set A Women’s Workout Plan

The first thing you need to do is to set a plan and stick to it. We highly recommend you go for a well used and popular one such as 6 minutes to skinny, but if your workout aim isn’t to lose weight, you may need to look elsewhere for a body building plan.

Go Through The Plan

Once you’ve got your work out plans for women put in place, it’s now time to arm yourself with the knowledge of what you’re going to have to do every day. If you went for the 6 minutes to skinny program, then we suggest you always read 1 or 2 days in advanced so you’re not messing around in the morning and wasting time. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be pretty easy to do every morning.

Stick To The Plan

Now that you know exactly what you need to do, the only thing left is to do it. Stick with the plan that you’ve decided on and see how it works for you. The first few days may be difficult because it is a change in your daily routine, but after a week or so it’ll all come naturally, same way that you brush your teeth every morning, or read the morning paper.

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